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 +====== Compiling and running the sample library ======
 +Once ARCS is installed (see [[arcs2:​installing_arcs|this page]]), you can check the behaviour of the engine by compiling a small sample. In the unpacked sources, you will find a ''​sample''​ directory that contains the necessary sources. **Please notice that 1/ you must be familiar with build processes involving Qt, 2/ the procedure below is given for Unix-like systems but may be easily transposed under Windows.**
 +===== Compiling the sources =====
 +In order to compile the sources, you will have to perform the following steps:
 +  - move in ''​sample''​ subdirectory;​
 +  - launch the ''​arcslibmaker''​ utility. It will produce a project file;
 +  - generate a ''​Makefile''​ (for unix): ''​qmake'';​
 +  - launch the compilation itself: ''​make''​.
 +At the end of this procedure, you will find a library named ''​libsample.so''​.
 +===== Running an example associated to sample library =====
 +In the subfolder ''​tests/​xmlfiles''​ you will find an XML file named ''​loop.xml''​. ​
 +This file contains the description of an application as seen by the ARCS engine. ​
 +If you want to run the example you will just have to run it with the ''​arcsengine''​ program.
 +A well behaved running session should look like this:
 +$ arcsengine loop.xml
 +Application loop.xml loaded.
 +[INF!arcsapplicationcomponent.cpp:​96] $ Rev: 207 $
 +[INF!arcsapplicationcomponent.cpp:​63] needed to make "​this"​
 +[INF!Application mode] event
 +[Loop] Emitting iteration 0
 +[DInt] Received integer 0
 +[Loop] Emitting iteration 1
 +[DInt] Received integer 1
 +[Loop] Emitting iteration 2
 +[DInt] Received integer 2
 +[Loop] Emitting iteration 3
 +[DInt] Received integer 3
 +[Loop] Emitting iteration 4
 +[DInt] Received integer 4
 +[INF!arcsapplicationcomponent.cpp:​121] main process has finished.
 +You can also try the following command lines and see how it affects the behaviour:
 +  * ''​arcsengine -d iterations=15 loop.xml''​
 +  * ''​arcsengine -p profile_2.xml loop.xml''​
 +For more information on arcsengine, you can consult its [[http://​arcs.ibisc.univ-evry.fr/​doc/​arcsengine.html|manpage]].
 +If you want additional explanations on the behaviour of this application,​ you may be interested by [[arcs2:​understanding_the_example_application_loop.xml|this page]].