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 +====== Installing ARCS ======
 +** Please notice that this procedure is only for the current version of ARCS. **
 +The installation of ARCS has to follow several steps:
 +   * Install Qt, version 4.3+ (required dependency -- also works with Qt5.x). You may install Qt from [[http://​qt-project.org|its site]] but do not forget your linux distribution (if you use one) is more likely to already have a package for Qt;
 +   * [[:​get_arcs|Download ARCS]];
 +   * Build ARCS from the sources.
 +===== Building ARCS under Linux =====
 +==== Preparing the environment ====
 +To compile ARCS, you will need to export several environment libraries.
 +<code bash>
 +export ARCSDIR=/​path/​to/​ARCS/​sources
 +export PATH=$PATH:​$ARCSDIR/​bin
 +This allows to tell where ARCS sources are put and where executables as well as libraries will be found.
 +If you intend to use ARCS in a dedicated directory (i.e. without installing it on the system), you might be interested
 +in putting these environment variables into a ''​.bashrc''​ or ''​.profile''​ file in your home directory.
 +==== Building ARCS sources ====
 +The usual procedure to build ARCS from sources is then the following one:
 +<code bash>
 +tar xvf arcs2-current.tar.gz ​
 +This could be translated as:
 +  - Unpack the archive;
 +  - Go into the unpacked directory;
 +  - Run the ''​qmake''​ utility from Qt framework in order to generate a ''​Makefile'';​
 +  - Build sources.
 +A few optional steps may be performed:
 +  * ''​make docs'':​ will generate [[http://​www.stack.nl/​~dimitri/​doxygen/​|doxygen]] documentation;​
 +  * ''​make install'':​ will install ARCS on the system.
 +===== Building ARCS under Windows =====
 +==== Preparing the environment ====
 +You must set several environment variables in order to compile ARCS. 
 +Under Windows XP, you will have to right click on **My computer**, choose the entry **Property**,​ the **Advanced** tab, and then the button **Environment variables**. ​  
 +You should add two different variables :
 +  * ''​QMAKESPEC''​ with the value ''​win32-msvc.net''​ if you are using Visual Studio .net or Visual Studio Express ;
 +  * ''​QTDIR''​ with the value ''​c:​\qt4''​ or another value if you have unpacked the archive elsewhere. ​
 +You should also add to the ''​PATH''​ environment variable the value ''​c:​\qt4\bin''​. ​  
 +==== Building ARCS sources ====
 +You will have to do the following steps :
 +  * Unpack the archive ;
 +  * Open a command line inside the directory obtained after unpacking the archive ;
 +  * Launch ''​qmake''​ ;
 +  * Open the file with the extension ''​.vcproj''​ using Visual and select the ''​release''​ configuration ;
 +  * Build the project under Visual ;
 +  * At the end of the process you should have all that is required to have a minimalist ARCS framework working under Microsoft Windows.
 +===== Next step =====
 +The next step is to check the engine is well installed and behaves well.