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 +====== Special components ======
 +The ARCS engine comes with an internal component library. Some of them being useful, here are their description.
 +===== statemachine =====
 +**statemachine** components are naturally used in ARCS in order to control processes. They have an XML description and
 +specific slots that triggers internal changes inside a process.
 +===== script =====
 +**script** components are components directly described in Java Script. They allow to create rapidly glue code between actual components. In order to be properly recognized by the engine. Some parts of the JavaScript code must follow guidelines. Here are the rules:
 +  * function are recognized as slots;
 +  * signals are //de facto// identified in the code of the slots: when a signal is called, a stripped code line must begin with ''​emit_''​ followed by the signal name and its arguments.