Framework tool collection


arcsengine is a command-line tool that executes an application using its xml description and component libraries. An example of arcsengine use is given in the tutorial Compiling and running the sample library.


arcslibmaker is a command-line tool that sets up compilation projects for component libraries and automatically generates C++ code wrappers for them. The use of arcslibmaker in creating a library is documented in several tutorials. The one that is mostly introducing the tool is Creating a component library.


arcspkg is a lightweight tool for component libraries deployment over a network.


arcsbuilder is a command-line tool that builds component libraries from an application XML description.


arcs1to2 is a tool that ports old ARCS1 projects to ARCS2.


arcswizard is a graphical front-end for arcsengine.


arcseditor is a graphical interface that helps building xml application descriptions. The latter ones can be used as an input for arcsengine.